Author Note: Ooh boy. I felt like you all deserved an update on what's been going up and down with my stories lately. I actually am writing between all the time I haven't posted much, but for some reason, I've been multi-writing a variety of workshop stories to the point of never completing them. In spite of this delay, here are stories and updates to be expected with their summaries, just so you know I'm not dead:

*~*A Shadow's Little Light - Chapter Nine: Lolita Doll

Summary: The two moral-diverse hedgehogs, Shadow and Sonic, are going to have to put aside the bitter shape their relationship was in the last time they spoke and remember what it was to cooperate side by side as they'd done for Earth not so long ago. Perhaps Amy Rose, with her pros and cons, isn't the only one who can lend Shadow a voice this time. Until the hedgehogs can find her location and learn to run on one another's time schedule, Amy Rose will remain as Wrath's play mate [literally].

But something's wrong with Shadow! And why is he vomiting blood everywhere?!
Warning - Sadistic Erotica and (obviously) Blood

*~*Pink - Chapter One: Angels & Airwaves

Summary: Sonic reflects on his relationship with Amy, as well as the clues of her relationship with Shadow that no one seems to discern but him. When he finally gets his chance to be alone with her and catch up on old times, will he get all the answers he's been eager to hear?

Musical Numbers:

Sweet Disposition [500 Days of Summer Soundtrack] - Temper Trap

Hero [500 Days of Summer Soundtrack] - Regina Sepktor


Summary: ...There's more than one way to soothe Shadow's bad dreams in the middle of the night. Just remember to clean the sheets. ~ ShadAmy Erotic lime one-shot.


Summary: There's no better verse than the sound of passion. ~ ShadAmy Erotic Lemon

*~*Seasons of Eden

Summary: "...Are you nervous? too."~Fluffy Lemon one-shot [may become a short story] - Yes, this is the big ShadAmy lemon one-shot I've been hyping about.

*~*Waiting to Exhale - Chapter One: Artificial Lips

Summary: What would it feel like, to kiss someone like Shadow the Hedgehog? Would his lips be tender and soft, like skin? Frozen and cold, like dead, fake flesh? ...Or would he feel realer than the real thing? It doesn't take true love to be curious.~Innocent ShadAmy fluff.

*~*Foolosophy of Love - Chapter One: Dyslogistic's Layers

Summary: ...The kind of life I live right now has its positive effects and negative defects, so expect to get a choke-full of both.

*~*Black Noise

Summary: I remember asking Amy to marry me when I was six. I remember being jealous of the way she looked at him, and how he looked at her...then one day, the world went black, and every day, people won't stop screaming..." ~ SilvAmyShadow - Gore. Refer to"King of Sorrow".


Summary: If you can't have one, then use another. Everyone looks the same in the dark. But when the lights go up, you soon realize you've gotten more than what you've bargained for. To use one who uses others might be your only reward. Manipulators often fall in love backwards. - Scourge x Amy - Erotic Lemon Chronicles